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Pharmadule‘s modular data centers deliver reliability and energy saving designs with more than 30 years’ experience executing modular projects, Pharmadule offers a variety of solutions such as containerization data centers, integrated data centers and large modular data centers to flexibly meet the different needs of our clients.

Pharmadule’s containerization data center, including 20FT and 40FT specifications, is applied to outdoor isolated sites with demand for IT cabinets (such as 5G base stations, natural resource exploration base stations, etc.), It can also be used in some mobile labs or analysis rooms that require temporary data storage and processing. Additionally, it can be used in emergency situations where local data processing is required.

 Indoor Integrated Data Center

Pharmadule‘s indoor integrated data center, including single row and dual row specification. It also integrates subsystems such as power distribution, air conditioning, panels, wiring and monitoring system, etc. And it is mainly used as a rapid deployment data center in existing buildings and cabinets can be configured on demand.

Large Modular Data Center

Pharmadule‘s customized data center,including chilled water station module,IT module, power module, CRAC module and utility module, is applied to the larger structure which requires a large number of IT cabinets and can be configured independently. Examples include cloud storage base station and information interaction centers.


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