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Sailing of Largest PTA Oxidization Reactors 2012-12-07

The four largest PTA Oxidization Reactors in the world would be delivered by Shanghai Morimatsu to Hengli Petrochemical (Dalian) Co., Ltd. The diameter of the PTA Oxidization Reactor is 10 meters and the weight is 500 tons. The PTA Oxidization Reactor is the most important equipment in a PTA project, the first two reactors have been loaded on a vessel from Morimatsu's own dock on 16th Feb., 2012 after one year's construction, which announces the first successful localized fabrication of such complicated process equipment.

The Hengli PTA Project (4.4 Million Tons/Year ) that is being constructed by Hengli Petrochemical has introduced the most advanced technology from Invista. It is the first time that their key equipment, like Oxidization Reactor, are supplied by Morimatsu, a China-based manufacturer.

Morimatsu (China) attends the 8th edition of the German 2012-12-25
Signature of G.R.M.C Cooperation Alliance Agreement2012-12-07

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