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Super Heavy and Large Columns Completion Ceremany 2018-02-05

Two main columns (Ethylene Column, Length: 95m, ID: 6.1m Weight: 700 ton, Propylene Distillation Column, Length 115m, ID: 6.1m, Weight: 1,100 ton)  for an Ethylene Unit were load out from Morimatsu (Jiangsu) Heavy Industry Co., Ltd on 30th November 2017, which was one month earlier than its contractual commitment.  The Propylene Distillation Column will be the tallest Hydro-carbon Process Equipment in East China.

There are nine super-sized columns to be erected at the job site. Morimatsu was awarded the biggest ones but made the earliest delivery. In order to meet the schedule requirements for super cranes, Morimatsu Project Team improved its fabrication procedures and labor arrangements. Finally, it managed to complete the work with perfect safety, quality and punctuality.


The groundbreaking ceremony took place in the third-phas2018-04-28
Load Out of Vacuum Column for BP’s Refinery in Spain2017-06-23

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