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Bigger than ever, another Milestone Reached 2016-07-12


On July 6th 2016, two sets of super heavy pressure vessels manufactured by Morimatsu (Jiangsu) Heavy Industry were successfully delivered. They were purchased by Toyo for Petronas RAPID project.

These two core equipments, designed and manufactured by Morimatsu, were, gasoline fractionation tower with 12.9 meters diameter, 66 meters long, over 1200 tons transportation weight, and quench tower with 12.5 meters diameter of upper section, 18 meters diameter of lower section, 59 meters long, over 1500 tons transportation weight.

Notably, it is the first time to produce the large oil refining equipment with the diameter of 18 meters in China. The completion of the production once again verified Morimatsu strategic objectives, "world first” and "service global", at the same time, laid a solid foundation for Morimatsu to achieve a higher, stronger and greater target.


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