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Cameron / CNOOC Panyu 34-1 MEG module which was built by 2013-10-14



850-ton MEG module supplied to CNOOC’s offshore natural gas field

NANTONG, China, September 26, 2013- Morimatsu (Jiangsu) Heavy Industry Co. ,Ltd.held an event to celebrate the completion of its largest MEG module to date. The 850-ton MEG module will be used as a key component in CNOOC’s Panyu 34-1 offshore natural gas field, located in the South China Sea.

Cameron International was selected by CNOOC as the engineering, procurement and construction company for subsea equipment.

At this event, Cameron’s Global Manager for Subcontract Fabrication, Gary Border, stated “The MEG module that you see behind me, weighing in at over 900T, is a clear testament of the capabilities offered by Morimatsu as an equipment fabricator for the oil and gas industry.”

Mr. Border also commented on Morimatsu’s HSE standards, acknowledging that “It [HSE] is a very important part of work execution in today’s very stringent safety environment. Morimatsu has shown that they can perform these standards with close to 200,000 man-hours spent with no incident or loss-time injury to report”.

The comments made by Cameron International demonstrate Morimatsu’s continued growth and constant strides to fabricate high quality equipment while placing great importance on providing a safe working environment for its employees.



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