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  The groundbreaking ceremony took place in the third-phas 2018-04-28 745
Morimatsu New Workshop Expansion Project is started at April 13th, with a total
  Super Heavy and Large Columns Completion Ceremany 2018-02-05 1313
  Load Out of Vacuum Column for BP’s Refinery in Spain 2017-06-23 1882
  Morimatsu Group Will Participate in Offshore China 2017 2017-02-06 1390
  Bigger than ever, another Milestone Reached 2016-07-12 1824
  Cameron / CNOOC Panyu 34-1 MEG module which was built by 2013-10-14 4028
  Morimatsu Makes History 2013-07-02 3205
  Morimatsu (China) attends the 8th edition of the German 2012-12-25 2224
  The first batch of the world's largest PTA oxidation rea 2012-12-07 3064
  Sailing of Largest PTA Oxidization Reactors 2012-12-07 2518

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