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September 26, 2013- Morimatsu (Jiangsu) Heavy Industry Co. ,Ltd. delivered a 850-ton MEG module to Cameron. This module will be used as a key component in CNOOC’s Panyu 34-1 offshore natural gas field, located in the South China Sea.
June 17, 2013, Morimatsu delivered two sets of PDH columns 15-days ahead of schedule for Wanhua Chemical Group Co. Ltd., located in Yantai, China,. The PDH columns, scaling 12mD x 120mL and weighing 1,200T, are the largest columns ever manufactured by Morimatsu. These two columns will serve as key components of Wanhua’s entire project.
November, 2012, Morimatsu succeeds in delivering a 130-sets of wellheads. This is a significant leap for module fabrication for Morimatsu.
February, 2012, Four PTA oxidation reactors were completed by Morimatsu (Jiangsu) Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (JMH). The four PTA reactors are officially the largest in the world. The completion of this project marks the increasing scope and capabilities of Morimatsu.
October, 2011, Morimatsu (Jiangsu) Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (JMH) officially received ASME-U certification. JMH is now qualified to fabricate the U-stamp products.
October, 2011, Morimatsu (China) Group completed the construction of its largest plant in Nantong, China. It is a critical step towards developing our mega-sized equipment and module fabrication capabilities. We are now able to increase the scope and scale of our services.
September, 2011, Shanghai Morimatsu Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd. successfully completes the update of its ISO9001 qualification.
Morimatsu is officially recognized by Metso & BHP as an excellent supplier.
September, 2011, Shanghai Morimatsu Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd. successfully completes the update of its ISO9001 qualification.
November 25-27 :Participation in the Shanghai International Petroleum, Petrochemical and Natural Gas Technology Equipment Exhibition.
September 28-30 :Participation in the China (Chengdu) Renewable Energy International Summit
March : Shanghai Morimatsu signs a deal with Guodian Jingyang, promising to provide a polysilicon reduction furnace with an annual production of 3,000 tons.
January : HSE Quality System Certificate and ISO14001, OHSAS18001 Certificates are obtained.
January : The world leader in pharmaceutical modular plant construction Pharmadule and the industrial pioneer Shanghai Morimatsu formally sign a cooperation agreement.
Morimatsu (China) Investment Co., Ltd. is recognized by the Shanghai Commission of Commerce as the regional headquarter of a multinational company set up in Shanghai.
December: Shanghai Morimatsu Pharmaceutical Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. was awarded with the Shanghai High-tech Enterprise Certificate.
October : Shanghai Morimatsu Environment Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. is awarded with the Shanghai High-tech Enterprise Certificate
June : The extension of nuclear power equipment permit is completed.
The production of Polysilicon reduction furnaces with an annual production of 250 tons is begun.
September 1 : The "Civilian Nuclear Safety machining equipment manufacturing license" is obtained. The scope of activities covers Nuclear Pressure vessels and Heat Exchangers of Levels 2 and 3.
May 9 : U.S. branch set up in Houston.
April : 1st 800 ton autoclave is produced.
Morimatsu Pharmaceutical Company is classified as a “Shanghai Backbone Company”.
A domestically well-known state-owned domestic company orders several sets of polysilicon hydrogen furnaces. It shows the capacity of Shanghai Morimatsu to mass-produce such equipment.
Cooperation with domestic and foreign professional polysilicon equipment manufacturers and process patent holders to form a new provider of polysilicon equipment.
Successful start of the production of core equipment for the polysilicon industry. The reduction furnaces produced have an output of 3.1 tons/furnace. This exceeds the capacity of similar products made in Germany.
Awarded the purchase order of the largest polysilicon industry 25 sets of core equipment – 24 pairs of rods reduction furnace.
Secured the purchase order of the largest polysilicon industry 144 sets of core equipment – 12 pairs of rods reduction furnace. Shanghai Morimatsu made mass production of reduction furnace possible.
February 3 : The Chenmao Traditional Chinese Medicine Production Facility is established.
December: Morimatsu heavy and offshore engineering investment projects begin and construction of the 426,700m2 Nantong Plant begins.
Order from Jiangsu Zhongneng and Sichun Yongxiang of two reduction furnaces, thus supplying polysilicon project core equipment.
The Airport and Waigaoqiao Plants are certified by the ISO quality system.Certificate of ASME U-Stamp.
June 15: Shanghai Morimatsu Process Equipment established.
April 25: Shanghai Symex Morimatsu Mixing Equipment established.
August: Start of a single unit 800 tons autoclave project.
July : U.S NB Equipment Maintenance Certificate.
June: Successful rolling of a plate of thickness of 150mm, showing Shanghai Morimatsu’s ability to manufacture oversized and overweight pressure vessels.
March: Fabrication of large-scale titanium composite plate equipment for PTA industry leader BP begins.
February: Successfull manufacture of a high-pressure heat exchanger of a design pressure greater than 15MPa.
Morimatsu Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd. changes its name to Morimatsu Pharmaceutical Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd., and takes on the role of both manufacturing and project engineering.
EMC certificate
Equipment order from the first Chinese polysilicon company (Xinguang).
July: A1 and A2 level high-pressure vessel design permits obtained.
Shanghai Morimatsu Environmental Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. expands its production capacity to 1200 tons for a individual pieces of equipment.
Shanghai Morimatsu Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. established covering a factory area of 107,200 m2.
The worlds largest Hastelloy B3 reactor is manufactured in Shanghai Morimatsu.
December: Installation, Manufacturing and Maintenance Permit for Special Equipment (pressure pipe GC3 level) is obtained.
In August, with the success of China's first zirconium composite reactor manufacturing, the company shows the way for innovation in the development of special materials processing equipment.
In April, Chinas first PTA oxidative processor and crystallizer is completed by Morimatsu.
December: AR1 Pressure Vessel Manufacturing License upgrade.
October: Chinas first hydrometallurgical key equipment-autoclave produced by Shanghai Morimatsu.
In February, Morimatsu obtains ASME U stamp and PED CE mark allowing exports to the EU.
Global GE "Excellent Supplier Award" and "Best Quality Award"
July: Shanghai Morimatsu becomes the first Chinese supplier of pressure vessels for Bayer, a German company. Chinese-made pressure vessels are exported to Germany for the first time.
"New Project Research Award" is awarded to Morimatsu by GE China.
Shanghai Morimatsu Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Is established.
March: Shanghai Morimatsu Environmental Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. is established in Waigaoqiao covering an area of 43,000m2.
Nuclear power plant equipment is exported to Japan.
November: Morimatsu Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd. is established.
October: Class I, II, III pressure vessel design license
Class I, II, III class pressure vessel manufacturing license
Shanghai Morimatsu is named, for the second time, the "Oustanding National Foreign Invested Company".
The first special material equipment fabricated, representing a quantum leap by Shanghai Morimatsu in the production of special material pressure vessels.
December: Shanghai Morimatsu obtains the Class III pressure vessel design and manufacturing license.
March : The company achieves the ASME "U" Stamp eligibility.
October: The company is certified by ISO9001 quality system.
The company is named the "Outstanding National Foreign Invested Company".
March: Class I, II pressure vessel design license
July: Class I, II pressure vessel manufacturing license
October: Shanghai Morimatsu Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd. Is established, covering an area of 27,000 m2.


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