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HSE Management System
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Striving to act as a responsible corporate citizen, Morimatsu is dedicated to respecting human health, natural resources, and the local and global environments. This is embodied in the HSE principles of the Morimatsu Corporation.  We aim to go beyond compliance with legal requirements and to incorporate sound HSE practice into our business decisions.  We aim to integrate the principles of HSE into all aspects of our activities, whether in management or in our workshops and to improve constantly our HSE performance.


Our operational sites are committed to taking into account environmental impact and making constant risk assessment of their activities based on established HSE management programs, targets, and objectives.


In accordance with our HSE management standards, each site's performance will be reviewed against agreed objectives in an effort to maintain continuous improvement. The results will be made available to all Morimatsu employees, and to the public.

HSE Policy Statement :

Focus on people; Zero accidents; Zero pollution; Strict compliance with legal and industry requirements; Continuous improvement in all areas.

Respect and responsibility for Man, for the Environment, and for the Community, and strict observance of HSE principles are an essential part of our corporate ethic.

? Our work sites comply with all relevant laws and with the corporate standards of Morimatsu Corporation.

? All activities should place strict emphasis on the avoidance of accidents and health hazards.

? We strive to eliminate the discharge of any waste harmful to the environment or the community; we aim to conserve resources by reducing the consumption of energy, water, and raw materials. We aim to achieve a sound balance between the requirements of our business and protection of the environment.

? We train and motivate our employees in the principles of HSE and ensure compliance also of our contractors, suppliers, and customers.

? We provide a safe and hygienic work environment for staff and others on our premises. We aim to avoid industrial accidents, and any environmental damage or property loss.

? We aim to develop and maintain the confidence of the public, and our professional partners, and to promote communication channels within the wider community.

? We keep our HSE policies under constant review and strive for continuous improvement.


All Morimatsu employees are obliged to comply with the company's HSE policy statement, and are encouraged to participate actively in its promotion.


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